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18th Dec 2014, 4:39 PM in Chapter 7: The Serpent's Rage
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"Hate you? Without equal."


Also, I like that to break the seal you've got to force all four masters to a state of mine, but the dude's too badass to allow himself to think like that. Wonderful idea, there.
tokyoking2 (Guest)
"You don't need to know someone to hate them. People decide every day to hate another for no other reason than they choose to. One can then simply imagine any number of faults and rationalizations to justify their petty prejudice"

RMK just indirectly summarized the hatred Yamcha receives from the fandom. This quote perfectly sits well with the Yamcha haters out there. Those who hate Yamcha, yet never seen the original dragonball.

....The introduction of the Saiyans whom possessed limitless power potential, was what robbed the series of any originality.