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18th Dec 2014, 4:32 PM in Chapter 6: The Four Masters
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Author Notes:
I know this chapter is really confusing since the elder cats are imitating Kyonshi and Maccha, while at the same time the *real* Kyonshi and Maccha are busy elsewhere.

The pages alternate between locations, so to help, just remember each page is a different scene. I really should re-draw the cats with different facial features to make it less confusing.

And to answer complaints, Ox-King was a student of Kamesennin. Master though? That's another detail for later.
User comments:
Jeshar E. (S3NTRYdesigns) (Guest)
This is awesome! Like an old Shaw Brothers film. I've just started reading in 2015 but I'm beyond impressed with the storytelling and action! I'm a graphic Designer, and I'd actually like to redo some of these pages with vector work, and update their look! Please contact me if you'd be interested in working together!

What dirt did Kyonshi have to get the Ox king on his in the first place?
Ah I think he mentioned it in passing somewhere else: Kyonshi is responsible for Ox's castle and Frypan mountain being in flames. It's connected to Annin's furnace and how Kyonshi likes to meddle with things he's not supposed to.
So what did he just lie to the Ox king and say he could put out the flames in return for his services when in actuality he didn't know how to and ditched the problem on the Ox king
Basically. Ox didn't know Kyonshi was responsible for the problem in the first place, and Kyonshi leveraged his ignorance of Kyonshi's culpability, and his reputation as a sorcerer.
Shiki (Guest)
OX*** king is the turtle*** master !!!! xD