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28th Jun 2018, 6:22 AM in Chapter 29: Beyond Super Saiyan!!
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Rod of stone (Guest)
Α new chapter, JOY OF JOYS!
Victor Cop (Guest)
PORFIN!!! 😲✌
Gem (Guest)
Wow! your art has come a long way, even compared to just a couple years ago! I love how you are pulling off complex poses of Yamacha and Goku it really shows how good you've become!
P.S. I'm glad you have modified Goku's look a bit, I always thought it kinda looked weird in earlier chapters
SaGe (Guest)
Very nice cover. Would love to see the covers colored although I think you said, RMK that it isn't gonna happen. Either way, it looks great man! SUPER STOKED to read this chapter!
Nick (Guest)