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18th Dec 2014, 3:56 PM in Chapter 1: Full Circle
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Gem_Productions (Guest)
Rereading this again while listening to the sound of silence, the first chapter matches pretty good with it
Tim (Guest)
Excellent choice. Ironically I too am rereading this while listening to music. Ookami by Toru Furuya (Yamcha's Voice Actor). Just learned learned this he makes songs about Yamcha.
Claude lindsay (Guest)
Great work. I only have one question. Is it Gohan’s sword that Yamcha wears on his back ?
Matt (Guest)
It's kinda surreal seeing yamcha back in the place where he first encountered Kid Goku all those years ago. This is an amazing fanfic.
Lowallyn (Guest)
Whooooo, what a fantastic opening!!