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18th Dec 2014, 4:12 PM in Chapter 3: Rematch
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So that's where it's from...neat!

But the question remains:
Could this man fight Krillin?
JustLookingAround (Guest)
Another pet peeve. How the hell can Yamcha do the Kamehameha before he even got his scar?
Yamcha first performed the Kamehameha against Tenshinhan in the Tenkaichi Budokai where he had this exact hairstyle and look. He didn't have his scars yet.
RMK do you remember when it took yamcha 40 minutes to travel from his hideout to the village he should have arrived way faster my friend he should be faster than light
Hey I just noticed that Kyonshi was what inspired Yamcha to invent the Spirit Ball in the first place, nice origin for both the scars and his finisher.
Gem Productions (Guest)
I see that first panel. This means because of this Yamcha created the Sōkidan, right?
I really wish I could like comments on this site....
Vivi (Guest)
oh so that's how he got his scars. So if this was the time after he fought tienshinhan, this man was actually a threat at this time to everyone in the world or just yamcha?