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11th Dec 2015, 9:17 PM in Chapter 21: Battle of Wills
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Doctor Nico (Guest)
Wow ! This fight is truely amazing ! Both spectacular and very imaginative. I wish I could see such a brilliant fight in the anime.
Foolish (Guest)
You forget because he goes Super Saiyan more often than not, but Goku, is actually a tough guy without the transformations.
What exactly did I forget? Goku may have taken some hits, but he was pretty tough in this issue. I mean, he punched a Spirit Bomb.

Or is the problem that he took any hits at all?
Diego (Guest)
I think he (or she) meant "You forget because..." as in "One forgets how powerful is Goku because of his "abuse" of SSJ form".
That makes much more sense. Thank you :)
Piccolo (Guest)
awesome comic!
Piccolo (Guest)
awesome comic!
Nightwing26 (Guest)
Hey RMK , I've never posted any comments ( because it's the first time I'm actually on this site) , but I thought you really deserved some compliments!

The first time I've read your comic was like 5 years ago on a French site ( yeah I'm Belgian so sorry if my English isn't that good ) and I was really disappointed when I came at the last page. I absolutely wanted to know the rest of that very interesting story. Someone finally answered my prayers by sending me a link earlier this morning to read the rest of 'elsewhere' .

And man you really blew my mind! The story you've created is so good ! I appreciate what you did with yamcha, one of my favorite characters in dbz. I'm really thankful for everything you've done and everything you will do!

I'll try to comment more often to support you.

Great job and good continuation !
Thank you for taking the time to comment, your support, and for your positive feedback. I'm happy to continue the story and I know many older fans were disappointed by the huge cliffhanger after Volume 1 ended. I hope you continue to enjoy what comes down the road.

Your English is perfectly understandable, by the way.
Doctor Nico (Guest)
Haha, that was me ! I sent the link to this website on the FB page "Fan Manga Dragon Ball", I had to share this, because I had the same frustration.^^
Thanks very much for spreading the word!
Nightwing26 (Guest)
oh well thanks Doctor Nico for sharing the link then! Did you actually mentionned it on the offical site ? because i'm not sure all the members of the site are members of the FB page. This could bring more readers, it's really worth it.

RMK thanks for your answer. I will surely continue following your story. just one small question : when will the next chapter be released ?
There was an "end-of-issue" flyer posted at the end of Chapter 20 that mentioned the Facebook page. (Doctor Nico was referring to a different page).

But yes, if you're interested, Elsewhere's official Facebook page is:
Doctor Nico (Guest)
Nope, didn't think about it.
I'm gonna do the same on the official DB Fan Manga website, you're right.
I'm actually starting to make the French translation myself, as nobody does it.
Hello there! I'm the wife of the author (RMK) and I would really really REALLY love to have your French translation on! It can host multiple languages for one series. I run the page, you could upload it yourself. Just make sure to credit yourself with an add-on page or a slight edit to the 1st page mentioning yourself. Put your translation under the group "Elsewhere Redistributors" as well.
Here's the link:

If that seems like too much of a hassle, you could send the files directly to RMK. From there, I can upload them to myself. Contacting him through Facebook would be the fastest way to get the file to him.

Also, thank you very much for translating this comic into French!
Nightwing26 (Guest)
If you need some help with the translation , i'll be glad to help docter Nico .
Salagir (Guest)
I am SO very happy to find this comic again!

I read Elsewhere years ago and was so disappointed to see it finishing so abruptly. I liked very much how this comics was talking about Yamcha. That's nice to have him as a hero at last.
Also, how it was being completely compatible with DB (so far). For me, the official reason Yamcha got scars, is in *your* comic! I really hope this story will continue to be compatible with DB and could be, at the end, seen as a real canon side story. It seems you're going this way.

Many other things I liked. The 4 schools, the very good background you set. A way to resurrect the Kame school, talk about the wolf fang...
"You mean there is no *turtle* student here...!?" I loved this panel. *Very much*.

I also like how you concentrate on Yamcha and still didn't make him a Mary Sue. Piccolo is still stronger than him.. Goku also... and that's normal. Goku can fight him without SSJ... I think too also! So many fans think Yamcha, Tenshinan, at this point should be able to kill freeza in one shot... It's too much in my opinion.
That doesn't mean he is worthless. You don't explode powerlevels for no reason. It's all in moderation, and that's for the better.

I would just say, be careful about the current fight... We love to see it, but it's been already 50 pages on 331. 15%, it's getting long :) It's great. But long.

To conclude, great job, continue, this comic is awesome and a reference in my opinion.
Thank you for your very high praise! You are correct in your observations. It has always been my intention to write a story that interwove with what Toriyama wrote and expanded on the ideas he developed, but never contradict. That way, even if someone did not like what I wrote, they couldn't say I undermined canon. The biggest complaints I have seen have been when I challenged people's assumptions about Yamcha, but that is one of the purposes of this story.

As for the length of the fight: don't worry, Chapter 22 will conclude the battle and end Volume 2. As of right now, I estimate Elsewhere will be 4 volumes long, but that may change in execution.

Regarding power levels, I am glad you feel what I have done is reasonable. If one looks at the big picture of Dragonball as a series, one might observe certain repeating patterns in power growth. I have tried to adhere to those patterns to remain reasonable, with a few deviations here and there. I hope as the series goes along, and new ideas are presented, you will continue to feel the same way. But always remember, in the end, it will fit neatly into the Buu saga, which occurs soon after.
Sara (Guest)
Two great authors of DBZ comics praising eachother (Salagir from Dragonball Multiverse, RMK from Dragonball Elsewhere). That's some good karma!
Indeed! I wasn't sure if it was the real Salagir (you can never know with the internet), but now that I can be sure, I'm even more honored. Thanks!
It's me :)
With an account now.

We'll need to make a crossover of Elsewhere Yamcha against U9 Cyborg Yamcha :)
Hello again!

A crossover? That's a tempting offer, but we haven't yet seen what Yamcha can do once Anshin is released! It's a bit early, don't you think? :)
ImperialWrath (Guest)
Salagir, since you confirmed yourself as the actual author of DBM, I have to ask why in your series did you choose to make Yamcha an Android/Cyborg, but left Tenshinhan and Krillin as humans?
Raddra (Guest)
Amazing comic thus far, binge read it all in one go, since Yamcha is my favourite character its good to see him treated well. And I like how you treated him: as Salagir said, having him be amazingly strong by normal standards but still beneath Freeza/Piccolo/base Goku etc is perfect.

Canon Dragonball did not treat Yamcha well, but to me this is a perfect side fanon,
ya i binge read it to lmao they did him justice i wish they would have mini comics for the hugs gaps they do sorta like this
Thanks very much! I often say that Yamcha is a character, for whom, one must read between the lines to appreciate. All the basic elements of his character and power are already in the canon but they're not in your face.

I'm happy a fellow Yamcha fan approves.
euzinho (Guest)
Saw a link to DBZ Elsewhere at one of DBM comments and I'm loving it so far!! I much prefer these type of non canon between sagas than most of official DBZ movies... How often are pages/chapters added?
The exact same thing happened here.
I usually get to one chapter a month, with some delays due to my job and life in general. I am trying my best to finish the next issue before Christmas.
Dark Expance (Guest)
You know what, my only disappointment was that i read everything from start to finish in a day. Was so disappointing that i read everything so quickly. Suck a good alternate story. Very Captivating! Had me like I NEED MORE!!
Misterious Guy (Guest)
I don't know more what to say. Only YES. A new chapter, again *-*
That idea for the Genkidama was brilliant, really brilliant.
And Yamcha have more surprises yet, awesome! I think I can imagine what will be the ultimate effort of Yamcha, but surely I'm wrong, so I preffer to keep quiet xD
Well, because my English it's still being very bad, I'm leaving, to stop this shame xD

Thanks for being constant with this (at least for me, the time flyes, so wait 1 month for a whole great chapter it's nothing), and continue with the hard work, you are doing great.
Regards :D
Brahmastra (Guest)
Well done, the fight was very interesting. I like how Yamcha is so cunning and decisive.
Albor Meha (Guest)
The idea is really great, but as Dark Expance said, I read the entire thing not in one day but I should say in less than 2 hours haha.

I would definitely want to see this story animated, "especially the last fight", I mean such a great idea and also cause, I always wanted to see the true potential of the Kaioken ( I mean a great transformation). Can't believe Toriyama forgot about it.

Also, I really love the idea of powerlevels hahaha also I think some love and stuff wouldn't be such a bad idea especially for Yamcha.

Great job you did and hopefully, you will still continue to do, ahhh can't wait for the next page hope to see it soon.
Kiarou (Guest)
I really appreciate how you handled this fight. Especially in DBZ, but really in any media, the temptation to turn a favorite character into a Mary Sue in fan fiction can be overwhelming. The amount of respect you show the source material and your own authorial capabilities by not doing that is immense. A much worse author then you would have Yamcha fighting SSJ2 Goku here, but you didn't. You took something completely plausible from the source material and fleshed it out, without resorting to cheap tricks or nonsensical power ups. You even gave not just a plausible motivation for your characters, but a well thought out and imminently understandable one. One that addressed why the problem wasn't just shoveled off on the other Z Fighters without making Yamcha look like a prideful fool. DBZ Yamcha was never one of my favorite characters, however DBZ Elsewhere Yamcha definitely is. I wasn't going to post, but the finesse you show in your handling of this fight compelled me to. The potholes along the way filled with stupid were big enough to drive a semi into, that you masterfully avoided them is deserving of props. Thank you for doing this, and doing it so very well.
That's quite a lot of praise. I appreciate your in-depth critique and I hope you continue to feel this way as the series progresses. I do my best to respect the source material, as this story is sandwiched in between 2 official story arcs.
Ok I was waiting till I reached the end point this far, but I cant any longer after reading these comment, especially from the two people who have made my favorite comics ever. DBM and Elsewhere are by far the most amazing comics I have ever read online and I firmly believe that Akira Toriyama should hire the both of you or you guys should have your own spin off series, either is animation or in hard copy books that you find in stores. As for a cross over between the two all I have to say is my fan heart would die then Shenron would multi res it until my heart could eventually come to grips with the magnitude of awesomeness that would come for such a union. I could see everyone,even Vegito, looking in shock at the overly badass Yamcha kicking ,lets say Vegatas, ass all over the place, cause Yamcha deserves the opportunity. Between the two though Elsewhere is my favorite by a small margin,because I am a hardcore Yamcha fan, dude does not get the cred he deserves. By and by I hope you guys continue with your respective comics and doing the amazing shit that you two do.

p.s. I ment shit in a good way
Want another fancomic that is on par with these two? Try Dragon Ball New Age.
What do you mean, "overly" badass? After the treatment he gets in canon, you CAN'T make Yamucha too badass....
Best comic ever!
SaGe (Guest)
Just having some DBZ music running through my head as this whole fight plays out. God this whole part of the series needs to be forwarded and turned into an actual webisode or something!
NTD (Guest)
Kamehameha clash? Greatness clash is coming.