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18th Dec 2014, 4:12 PM in Chapter 3: Rematch
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TheTrueMrAwesome (Guest)
Hey so far really loving the comic! Glad Yamacha is getting some love. Artwork is pretty decent as well! But how the hell does Yamacha know the Kamehameha? If he doesnt have his scar he doesnt know Goku so he shouldnt know it.
Yamcha used the Kamehameha against Tenshinhan in the Budokai while sporting this exact look (minus the sword).
IactualywatchedDragonball (Guest)
He didn't get the scars until the time skip before the final tournament arc in dragon ball. He knew Goku for over five or six years at that point. I'm assuming that's when this takes place. Goku is already on the lookout at this point.
Wazzz goood this shit getten good