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18th Dec 2014, 4:08 PM in Chapter 2: Destiny, Take 2
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In response to the above comment, Yamcha was originally a desert bandit powerful enough to throw Goku through three mountains. Before that we have no information on his backstory. I presume the author of this comic is creating one out of whole cloth.
The only question is how it turns out. So far so good.
JustLookingAround (Guest)
I wouldn't mind this, except this makes no sense. I know we don't have a lot of info on Yamcha background or his past, but what we do know is at the beginning of DB, he was literally scared of girls and it was hard for him to be around them, plus Bulma was his first girlfriend and one he was comfortable around. Making up a story where he was friends with some girl in the past kind of contradicts that in my opinion
You assume he was always scared if girls since birth. He was 16 when we first saw him in DB. Maybe she's the reason he became scared?
Well i'd say that (judging by Yonomi's reaction upon seeing Yamcha) that he wasn't very good with girls when he knew her lol...and this fanfiction is set after Yamcha's relationship with Bulma and after she cheated on him etc. so i'm sure he's matured quite a bit over the years. I like how RMK is portraying Yamcha and it kinda reminds me of how Spike Spiegel wanted to confront his own past in order to try to move on with his life.