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18th Dec 2014, 4:53 PM in Chapter 10: The Broken Seal
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what voices would you give these guys RMK I'm picturing it
Y'know, I never really thought about it in terms of voice actors. I'll have to give it more thought before I can give a good answer.
Unexpected reveal, and definitely fun to see.
You know, I like how you foreshadow in this panel that Yamcha's inner conflicts must and are going to be resolved in this story.

And that is why I love this story so much, it does not give Yamcha a much-needed and a much-deserved power-boost, and awesome vindicating battles, it is giving him and going to continue to give him an in-depth analysis and resolution to all of his inner demons.

Like Heiwa said, his hate, his his spite, his malefise deserved or undeserved against his unfair treatment from his inner circle and outer circle, his rage, his feeling of hopelessness, his feeling of powerlessness and the most important part of his character, his failure complex.

Most of them, are the most human traits we all have, esspecially for one who has lived as he had lived, seen what he had seen and been through what Yamcha went through and saw with his own eyes.

The feeling that he matters is the feeling that we love to see in our bandit, and you know what?

I believe, that by the end of this manga, we are going to feel it and see it resolved ourselves.