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18th Dec 2014, 4:53 PM in Chapter 10: The Broken Seal
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No reactions from Vegeta and Gohan?
Mo (Guest)
To be fair they're freaking saiyans
Foolish (Guest)
Why do I get the feeling Krillin is getting the better end of the deal? :p
Fabian (Guest)
Love everyone's reaction. It's odd how no one felt the son of the Dai Kaioshin though.
Gem Productions (Guest)
It is because only gods can feel other god's ki, as explained in DBZ
Yes, Picollo and Kayohshin stepping on the ring, for instance
ImperialWrath (Guest)
You've sold me with just this page alone! How THIS comic was never picked up by Shueisha, but that "Reincarnated as Yamcha" bullcrap story was, I will never understand. That alone is a clear example of how unfair is the world we live in.
Eeeeh, I didn't mind Reincarnated as Yamcha. The idea that a DBZ nerd gets one of the weakest characters as a body and has enough prep time to use his knowledge and not, y'know, die, wasn't bad at all.

I do agree that I prefer this story and general level of detail added to it, though, but let's not start comparing and brewing needless hate.
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the story, but in my opinion it's a terrible and overused idea. Anyone who's remotely familiar with the world of fan-fiction will tell you that a plot involving some fan/nerd being transported into a series is probably the most overused and creatively weak story lines you can come up with.

Plus, the story itself perpetuates the notion that Yamcha is too weak to contribue anything to the series or be relevant by himself. Thus, he "needs help" that just happens to come from a fan of the series. I honestly don't get how anyone could call themselves a Yamcha fan and be okay with that kind of story line at all.

Lastly, I don't see how telling the truth about a series is "brewing needless hate". But I guess that's part of the fandom these days, no one wants to hear any type of legit criticisms.
Rod of stone (Guest)
Mr. RMK, I know you have said that this is Yamcha's story and it resolves around him, mostly, and not the other humans, but, I see you are doing Yamcha great justice here.

Is it possible to deliver some justice to the other neglected humans of the DBverse as well? Of course not full-fledged stories like Yamcha's but some proof that all 4 alongside Chiaotzu have some development and something to "Bring to the Table" like Yamcha said in a previous panel of yours?

Just a thought of me, anyhow, not wish to disrupt the flow of your creation.
I plan to have Krillin fight to some degree, but regarding Tenshinhan and Chaozu, I am still on the fence with them. Most readers are eager to see them show up, but right now, I'm not convinced it would be something that would happen given Tenshinhan's self-imposed exile/wandering after the Cell arc. And even if I did decide to show them, I'm afraid it might bloat the story. Time will tell.
H4RDW3LL5000 (Guest)
I wish there was a story as good as this one about Tien ShinHan. Come on, He's a prodigy, trained to kill since he was born! How could an author waste its potential?!

BTW, I love your comic, hope you're doing well wherever you are ^_^
Yo Yamcha getting some respect on his name.