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18th Dec 2014, 4:51 PM in Chapter 10: The Broken Seal
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Fabian (Guest)
The moment of realization. XD
Rod of stone (Guest)
When was Barracks a member of the Crane school? We will ever get this detail?
It will be addressed in a future chapter. There's a lot of character development that needs to happen with the supporting cast after the current arc as of writing this comment.
Rod of stone (Guest)
Mr. RMK, I think I have seen a confirmation of why Barracks a Crane school student.

I just need you to confirm or deny this, please, so I know if this page is uttering truths or falsehoods.

Said page, said article.

[When Yamcha left, Barracks felt betrayed and bitter. Seeing his years of training towards high ideals as a farce, Barracks took it upon himself to work with Yunomi to guard the village in any way possible. Assassins and mercenaries were assigned with what small income Barracks and the village earned. One day he happened upon a brutal mercenary named Tao, a master of Tsuru-ryu.

Barracks saw Tao's tutelage as an investment opportunity. If he could become as strong as Tao, in the long run, they needn't spend as much money to hire other mercenaries. Tao trained Barracks brutally and in the end deemed him adequate. His high ideals gone, Barracks accepted what he had and relieved Tao of his duties.]

So, is this the reason and you simply forgot to revoke info from the page for the surprise effect :P? Or this page is making up stuff?

I would like a positive or negative confirmation please.

Be well.
Sorry for the late reply. I've been out of town for work all week.

Yes, that character profile is correct. I was the one who wrote it, about 10-12 years ago in truth. The Wiki you got that from is managed by a friend of mine, and she actually managed to locate those old character profiles back when I had my own domain for Elsewhere. More will be revealed about that back story in a future chapter.
utterflatulence (Guest)
How is Yamcha not a master of the turtle school? He completed his training and Roshi himself said that he, Krillin, and Goku are no longer his students and had surpassed him at the 23rd budokai