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18th Dec 2014, 4:47 PM in Chapter 9: Training
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I really adore this fancomic as I think that this is story fulfilled exactly what Yamcha would have yearned for and it sticks to / builds upon his character a lot. His main goal at the beginning of the series was to do with getting married / having children, I haven't finished this comic yet so I don't know if you eventually add a love-interest but so far I really like how you've developed his relationship with these characters. I think that him finding familial love is a really good thing for his character as in a way that's what he wanted deep down. His motif as a lone wolf yearning for love is synonymous to finding these kinds of familial bonds with people and so I think it works on multiple levels, as perhaps he was so desperately looking for a family through marriage as some way to cope with losing his past familial bonds or something of that sort. Of course I think in general his character's strength comes from his bonds and loyalty to those he cares about in general, and as a wolf-like character he tends to sacrifice everything for his loyalty. Overall I'm really liking what you're doing, your storytelling style working hand-in-hand with the characterization is quite interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.