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18th Dec 2014, 4:45 PM in Chapter 8: Homecoming
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No Barrack, if you hit him and take it away there wouldn't be a story.
Jake (Guest)
Ya know, when I first saw Pigero in the original series I thought that he reminded me a bit of Yamcha and was surprised to find him here. This fits so well.
Question RMK, Why did you bring back Pigero from the fillers. I'm not complaining mind you, but I'm curious about your reasoning.
I honestly don't remember. I've been writing this comic for so long. But now he makes sense for where I'm going with the story.
Gem Productions (Guest)
Pigero's coat looks like Gogeta's, did you just like the design RMK or is this a reference to the future?
I think it was inspired by a vest I saw in an illustration of Trunks somewhere.
Asdfghjkl (Guest)
Hoi i tem!
Dis moi good fwend,YaMcHa
Hi. I'm YaMcHa. This is Yamucha.
Hello. I'm Yamucha. This is my friend,Terry Crews.