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18th Dec 2014, 4:42 PM in Chapter 7: The Serpent's Rage
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Yay! Paur is here at last!
A follow-up question what was Roshi's thoughts on the seal and the other schools. Just curious.
Good question! Given that the schools are generally hostile toward one another, and there's not supposed to be much blending going on, it's curious he would train Yamcha, no?
Well if that is to be the case that would explain why Roshi was being so hard headed in accepting Yamcha as a pupil in the first place and also why Yamcha didn't approach him a lot sooner after all the respect he had for Roshi and his teaching methods. Interesting.
But you didn't quite answer my question, I was wondering why was Roshi so much more laid back in his teachings than say the Wolf school, he didn't even mention the seal according to Yamcha. Why do you think he only focused on muscle training?
I was being intentionally vague :)

There are a couple ways to answer why Roshis' training methods were so odd and laid back. One explanation would be that it was still very early in DB's development, and Toriyama was still writing it as a gag manga. Remember that he taught Goku and Krillin to read via trashy romance novels haha. Also, most of the lore of DB had yet to be developed and was somewhat filled in after the fact by characters and flashbacks.

If you think about it, there was a lot Roshi didn't tell Goku and Krillin: Mutaito, the Nyoi-bo and how it played into Karin Tower and Heaven, his actual experiences with Karin, King Piccolo... the list goes on.

Again, in reality, all that stuff was written after the fact and filled in later. But if we're trying to rationalize the history, it could be argued any number of ways. For one, training methods within real martial arts are as varied as there are styles and instructors. Roshi was just goofy but effective (like an insane Miyagi). Or it could be he detached himself from the schools after the war with Piccolo and the death of his master. Or it could be he just became a hedonist hermit, living out his twilight years indulging.

I leave that to speculation.
Good enough explanation for me, after all, he is a hermit. I have read ahead and I personally love the way you are bringing back old characters and would love it if later they turn to Roshi for some sagely wisdom for something
I must admit, I... I always liked how Puar always seems to love Yamcha unconditionally no matter what happens and with nothing else but the greatest admiration. I forgot about him here, but a Yamcha story wouldn't be a Yamcha story without Puar. Good to see him again.